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About PointOne

We’re building an AI system to automate administrative tasks for law firms, starting with timekeeping and billing. The legal industry is still run on archaic admin processes, costing lawyers time and money and causing daily headaches. We’re fixing this.

Our team is a mix of legal, AI, and startup backgrounds from Fenwick & West, Applied Intuition, and Google. We recently raised a seed round from Y Combinator, Bessemer, 8VC, General Catalyst, and several of our early customers (who asked to invest after using the product).

Our revenue has been doubling every month since the start of the year and our customers are asking for more product than we can push—this is where you come in.

What you'll do

You will own and ship products.

  1. You’ll talk to customers throughout the day over Slack/Teams, video and phone calls.

  2. You’ll listen to their needs and develop a plan based on the highest priority items.

  3. You’ll ship code to execute on the plan. We put new code into production multiple times per day.

We’ll do this every day, together, in-person, because we understand that every minute counts in the early days of a startup. This is going to be intense early-stage startup work; the person we hire is expected to become a leader and help form the company’s vision and culture.

Our tech

We have a fully serverless backend built on top of AWS, consisting of a collection of Go microservices. We use React/Typescript to build client applications across web, desktop, and mobile. We create our own RAG pipelines.

Day in the life

As the founding engineer, every day you’ll need to build fast and well with a laser-focus on customer impact. Here’s a typical day:

  • 9:30 AM. Join a call with a managing partner at a law firm (“KAJ Law”) that recently started using PointOne. They ask if our system integrates with Slack, but it does not. After the call, you draft a plan for the new feature—depending on the priority, you might target a same-day turnaround.

  • 11:27 AM. As we’re working, we see that we’re running into a capacity issue causing a slowdown for some users. All hands on deck to figure out what’s going on and resolve the issue.

  • 2:43 PM. Slack communication feature is complete. Deploy new code and email the team at KAJ Law to let them know about the new capability.

  • 3:00 PM. Lead a new-customer onboarding call, taking note of the user’s reaction to the product.

  • 5:45 PM. Team dinner. We chat about life, news, work, etc.

  • 6:23 PM. With the big hurdles of the day overcome, time to go heads down see if we can incorporate vision models to improve the automated billing assistant.

Location: SF or NYC, in-person
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